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ExoticLemuria-muonline S6ep3
Exp: x5000
Max Stats: 32767
Auto freebies t1 set wing weapon +15 no yo 
Xshop on 
Hunt base system
Max socket 5
Daily events 
In game events activate 
Anti hack powerd by :ZGN
Costume set on 
Long term service
24/7 active staff
No bias 
No force to donate
Open PHP

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Server Info

Powered by:ZodiacGames™
ML Experience:x3000
Master Level:220
Max Excellent :6 (7 Lord Mix)
Max Socket:5 (SSLvl5)
Chaos Machine:Webzen Deffault
Quest System:/evolve
Monster HP:100%
Reset System:Enabled
Off-Trade System:Active
Castle Siege:8:00-10:00PM (Sat)